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Smart. Experienced. Kind to animals.

We’ve spent the last two decades evangelizing the power of inside sales. From the years when “tele” was a four-letter word to today’s long list of companies who’ve leveraged inside sales to IPOs, we’ve been here helping tech companies grow.

Along the way, we’ve won our share of accolades and awards, but we’re best known for clear thinking and actionable advice.

Behind our ideas are our people.

consultants-our-peoplePractitioners, first. Consultants, second. Our people have personally built and led dozens of teams. What’s more, they’ve never hung up their spikes.

We know what works because we're out there every day: calling leads, outbound prospecting, deploying new technologies. We’re shaping the latest and most effective approaches for engaging prospects in sales conversations. Meet the team >>

We aren’t the only ones celebrating our greatness.

awardsSmart and focused folks, Boston and San Francisco offices, a bunch of amazing clients, and award-winning workThat’s why The Bridge Group, Inc. has been named AA-ISP's Consulting Provider of the Year four years running. 

The Bridge Group continue to develop and share the best insights to the ongoing evolution of sales organizations. They're always on the bleeding edge of new approaches. Whenever I'm stuck, I can count on them to quickly help me find a new approach.

- VP of Sales ($300M public software company)

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