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Consulting and execution services for B2B tech companies looking to grow.

We've been helping companies optimize SDR, AE, and CSM strategies since 1998. We’re dedicated to understanding the models, metrics, and motions that deliver scalable growth. Sales, Sales Development, Marketing, and Customer Success leaders turn to us to make the big decisions on implementation strategy, process, tactics, and tech.

Customized solutions for companies like yours

No two companies are identical, especially when it comes their selling motion. Our team identifies the key variables that make your go-to-market motion unique. Whether you need to increase productivity, drive higher conversion rates, or scale your team - we’re here to help take the guesswork out of growth. 



Hear our Founder & CEO, Trish Bertuzzi, talk strategy with Drift's David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt.

"The Bridge Group are amazing. We started small (a handful of reps) and we've now got hundreds. Over that time, they worked with us on every aspect from messaging and call strategies to compensation, target setting, and measuring success. They are, simply put, one of the most effective organizations I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with."

- Global Head of Sales Development (high-growth security company acquired by IBM)

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