Advisory Services

As a B2B leader, you face major competition for your time and attention. There's a growing array of potential options for solving your sales and marketing challenges.

It is increasingly difficult to execute day-to-day while, at the same time, keeping your finger on the pulse of new ideas, approaches, and strategies.


By giving you expertise and bandwidth, we become your sounding board, your research arm, your finger on the pulse of inside sales.

With our laser focus on Inside Sales, our Advisory Services deliver:

  • Insight - allowing you to successfully navigate alternatives and gain consensus
  • Guidance - avoiding potential landmines in the form of sales plan validation
  • Clarity - a path for turning your strategic vision into an actionable plan. The devil is often in the details and we know the details
  • Data - access to industry benchmarking and applicable best practices. Tap into our consultants, unpublished research, and network of peers

benchmarking tools


With our guidance and tools, our clients boost sales performance and improve the strategic impact of their inside sales groups.

Your engagement team will include

  • Chief Strategist - industry veterans Trish Bertuzzi and Sally Duby are only a phone call away
  • Senior Consultants - make introductions to peers and share their networks
  • Sales & Marketing Operations - advice on technologies, apps, and vendors for demand generation, sales acceleration, or CRM


The Bridge Group helped guide us through a challenging time of high growth and change. They provided excellent feedback, always communicated clearly, and gave us incredible direction. There was, of course, some individual resistance in our organization to the path and the change we were about to go through, but The Bridge Group always did a great job of explaining the situation, the benefits, and making folks comfortable.

The entire Bridge Group team provide a wealth of actionable, real information. None of this conceptual "what-if" stuff that consultants are so proud to recommend. Real process, behavioral and cultural changes that will transform your sales teams!