Training & Coaching

You can’t hit your numbers managing process and tools alone.

We’ll work with your reps to hone their abilities to spark prospect interest and generate opportunities.


Effective training is the number one sales management tool for making change happen and responding quickly to a rapidly changing environment.

Our training is focused on 20% theory/methodology and 80% driving tactical change. Sample topics include:

  • High volume, pre-calling planning
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for inside sales reps
  • Linking sales messaging and prospect hot buttons
  • Effective outbound: media, methodology, and cadence



Are you looking to foster a sales culture that thrives on generating and winning opportunities? Sales coaching is the lever to inspire behavioral change and elevate perfomance. 

Our sales coaching combines effective guidance and proper motivation. Over the years, we've found the optimal coaching program includes:

  • Old fashioned 1-on-1, side-by-side coaching
  • Group feedback sessions on recorded calls
  • Rep self-assessment and scoring of call recordings
  • Linking KPIs and metrics to activities and outcomes


The Bridge Group bring a forward-thinking approach to inside sales, and have helped train our team into an effective, efficient, and professional sales machine. Their insight and experience has allowed our reps to close deals that would not have happened without their diligence and commitment to our team.

The entire Bridge Group team provide a wealth of actionable, real information. None of this conceptual "what-if" stuff that consultants are so proud to recommend. Real process, behavioral and cultural changes that will transform your sales teams!