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478 B2B tech clients & counting.

We think our client roster speaks for itself. It's full of smart B2B companies that decided to drive growth and accelerate their SDR, AE, and CSM motion.

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"In just three months, we're passing more and more upmarket opportunities (+57% ASP) while reducing average sales cycle (by 46%) at the same time. Which I think are pretty remarkable stats."

Kelly North | Director, National Sales | Paycor



"What I think The Bridge Group gives you is a sanity check before you pour the foundation. It's about understanding the dimensions before you build something."

Travis Huch | VP of Sales | Base (now Zendesk Sell)


The Bridge Group worked closely with us to develop a SDR playbook. Upon implementation, we experienced immediate results in the form of meetings set and pipeline growth--a real testament to not only their research process, but their ability to train and communicate.

The professional guidance The Bridge Group has provided to my team has been amazing. If you are looking to build a successful inside sales or sales development team, then the Bridge Group should be on speed dial.