Strategic Assessment

We get hands-on to analyze and enhance your inside sales effort. You know where you want to go. Let us chart the path.

We’ll rapidly translate what we uncover into the plays, process, and metrics you need to grow.


Your goal is an inside sales strategy that drives revenues, accelerates growth, and balances the cost of selling.

To get there, your inside sales group needs total clarity on where and how to focus. Our detailed assessment will identify high-impact opportunities for transforming your inside sales strategy.



Benchmarking that delivers insight - strategy that works in the real world.

  • A strategic vision for your sales model (WHAT)
  • Actionable advice focused on top impact areas (HOW)
  • A pragmatic roadmap for implementation (WHEN)


The Bridge Group have been the single most influential source in developing the strategy and structure of our growing inside sales team. Many of the decisions we have made about how to build our team have been guided by insight from Trish and the team and all have served us very well.

The entire Bridge Group team provide a wealth of actionable, real information. None of this conceptual "what-if" stuff that consultants are so proud to recommend. Real process, behavioral and cultural changes that will transform your sales teams!