Sales Playbook

If every rep told your best story and ran your best process, how would that impact pipeline and revenue?

A playbook gives every rep the tools, tactics and messaging to prospect and sell like the best performer on your team.


A sales playbook takes an often overwhelming amount of information and distills it into a series of “plays” that are concise, specific, and actionable. 

We'll take the best from your existing "how-to”s and combine them with the undocumented “tribal” knowledge your internal experts carry with them.

Reach more buyers, spark more interest, close more business, and ensure: 

  • A consistent message is delivered
  • Processes are made repeatable and scalable
  • New hires ramp faster
  • Struggling reps have a map for what great looks like
  • Reps are enabled, not encumbered



Too often, enablement is something done at sales not with or for reps.

We ensure adoption of the playbook through the following: 

  • Including reps in interview process
  • Including select reps in on-site workshops
  • Having the team put their stamp on the playbook during roll-out
  • Conducting a Playbook University to embed the tool in your culture

Our process has adoption and buy-in built in - not bolted on after the fact.


The Bridge Group worked closely with us to develop an SDR playbook. Upon implementation, we experienced immediate results in the form of meetings set and pipeline growth--a real testament to not only their research process, but their ability to train and communicate.

The Bridge Group helped us build out an effective sales playbook and then they coached the whole team into effectively using it. Well versed at all aspects of sales, they are the partners you need.