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"In terms of realizing incremental value from working with The Bridge Group, we saw some pretty stellar results in H2 (post roll out) over H1, namely:

  • 91% increase in SQOs
  • 93% increase in ARR pipeline creation
  • 15% improvement in conversion from TQL to SQO"
    Matt Coulter | Global Leader of Sales Development

"You helped us get there in a fraction of the time. You organized our efforts, you kept us accountable, and we got the playbook out the door 5X as fast as we would have had it been sitting in a queue for us to build internally."
David Sill | Head of Sales Enablement | DiscoverOrg


"You listen to the calls now and the calls sound different today. The messaging is crystal clear. From a Sales perspective, we've seen a 5 percentage point increase in our opportunity-to-win rate. You can’t beat that."
Amyra Rand | VP of Sales | Kareo

CA Technologies

"One of the biggest things I’ve seen is that the alignment between Sales, Marketing, and Operations has come much closer together as a result of the engagement with The Bridge Group."

Sid Kumar | Global Head of Inside Sales | CA



"In just three months, we're passing more and more upmarket opportunities (+57% ASP) while reducing average sales cycle (by 46%) at the same time. Which I think are pretty remarkable stats."

Kelly North | Director, National Sales | Paycor


Dude Solutions

"We've worked with other providers who never tailored their content or their approach for our organization. And for adoption, tailoring is critical. The Bridge Group were able to speak our language, be a confidant, and ultimately help make us successful."

Scott Hair | Snr. Dir., Education Sales | Dude Solutions



"What I think The Bridge Group gives you is a sanity check before you pour the foundation. It's about understanding the dimensions before you build something."

Travis Huch | VP of Sales | Base (now Zendesk Sell)


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