Virginia Hanna

Senior Consultant

Virginia is an experienced sales leader with over twenty five years in the tech industry. Having worked with industry leaders such as Dell, Teradata, Citrix Systems, Verisign, Cisco Systems and Microsoft, she has been consistently tapped to revamp go-to-market strategies, expand the customer base, improve profit margin, and transform operations.

Virginia earned her sales chops at a very early age going door-to-door selling, yes, Girl Scout cookies. She discovered the value of the trial (samples), volume (extras for “company”) and upsells (more than one flavor). Productivity became and is her mantra.

Most recently, Virginia was the Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Care Operations for Citrix Systems (SaaS Division). During her tenure, she was instrumental in driving specialization across the selling teams to better address market opportunity. This resulted in increased bookings (+49%) and improved rep productivity (+16%).

- Cooking & entertaining
- Hiking
- SF Giants (3x World Series champs!)

- Arts
- Environment
- Homelessness

- Aurora Borealis
- Galapagos Islands
- The Palio di Siena