Sales Development Consultant

Pete has had his finger on the pulse of the inside sales and sales development functions for the last 15 years. He co-founded AG Salesworks, serves as CEO of QuotaFactory, and teaches as a Professor of Sales and Marketing at UMass Amherst.

His teams have generated billions of dollars in pipeline and hundreds of millions in closed business since 2002. Most importantly his companies have hired, trained, and graduated over 500 SDRs into quota carrying positions across all industries.

While Pete doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is incredibly serious about sales development and the massive impact it can have on those who lead teams and the organizations they work for.

"The Sales Development function, when done properly, can push individuals and companies beyond their loftiest of goals. Unfortunately, too few corporations have a dialed-in playbook for exactly how to do it well. That’s the most exciting part about working as part of The Bridge Group team. Every day, I get to help companies succeed in their Sales Development effort. It’s rare you that do what you are passionate about for a job. I’m a very lucky man."

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