Inside Sales Consultant

Liz has held sales and inside sales management positions in B2B technology for over 15 years and has been an inside sales consultant for the past 12 years. Her strength is in building scalable, repeatable, measurable sales models that ensure long-term success to help maximize sales performance. Some of the companies with whom she has worked include CA, Autodesk, VMware, NetApp, and Citrix.

Liz’s skills span team building, system design, metrics management, Sales Playbook creation, sales and marketing alignment, pipeline development, forecasting and revenue growth. 

Whether it’s building a team from the ground up, fine-tuning existing talent and process, or developing effective compensation plans, Liz values excellence, has high standards, and gets results. 

Today, Liz uses her experience and expertise to ensure The Bridge Group clients execute inside sales and sales development programs that maximize sales performance. 

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