Dir, Sales & Customer Success | Partner

It's not every day you meet someone equally comfortable in a micro-biology lab and making sales calls. From the Lovley Lab at UMass to a high-volume prospecting shop, Kyle's final destination at professional selling was unexpected.

Previously Kyle held BDR and inside sales positions at AG SalesWorks, an outsourced teleprospecting and opportunity generation company. Building on that foundation, Kyle helps reps develop the skills to get in front of buyers and move them from “status quo” to “opportunity.”

Today, Kyle uses his experience in prospecting, profiling, and pounding the phones to help organizations achieve inside sales success. He works with teams spanning sales development (SDRs), inside closers (AEs), install base selling (AMs), and customer Success (CSMs). If the job function touches inside sales, Kyle is ready to jump in and deliver strategic assessments, sales playbooks, and interim management. During his Bridge Group tenure, he has worked with 60+ B2B companies to improve productivity and scale revenue growth. 

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