Senior Consultant

Janet loves to roll up her sleeves and help inside sales teams accelerate. She believes in focusing tightly on the right strategy and putting together the team, process, and tools to execute most effectively.

With a degree in International Business, Janet’s path to professional selling was unexpected. But from those early successes, a sales lifer was born.

From her first selling days, through building and growing a half-dozen inside sales groups, Janet respected the impact inside sales teams can have. She is passionate about aligning models to markets, matching skillsets to roles, nurturing sales potential, and motivating enabling teams to be their best.

Today, Janet uses her two decades of sales and management experience to develop sales playbooks, coach reps to excellence, and benchmark + assess sales models for Bridge Group clients.

- Flea markets
- Quilting

- John Sandford
- Michael Connelly

- Rose Parade
- Vatican City