Senior Consultant

Anyone who has worked with Gail won’t hesitate to tell you she’s a master at inside sales process and messaging. At The Bridge Group, Gail is the go-to person for turning companies’ lengthy, even rambling, prose into short, effective sound bites that work over the phone and email.

As the daughter of thoroughbred horse trainers and a former professional skating coach, Gail loves developing talent - coaching reps to never stop learning and growing their skills.

Gail started her sales management life at Concentric/Wall Data, back in the days of DOS-based data reporting – no, really! She later held management roles at Engage, Quadstone and ZOLL Medical.

Today, Gail applies her two decades of sales and management experience to inside sales assessment, market validation programs, and to develop sales playbooks for Bridge Group clients.

- Roller Skating
- Watching Tennis
- Yoga

- Ernest Hemingway
- Jill Konrath
- Mike Weinberg

- Camino de Santiago (Spain)
- White Stallion Ranch (AZ)