Fran Kathriner

Senior Consultant

Early in her career, Fran had an epiphany: inside sales was the future of b2b selling. She became an evangelist for the model and a believer that any product or service can be sold over the phone regardless of price or complexity.

Fran took this knowledge and experience and built results-driven teams for companies including Groundworks, Intuit, LegalMatch, nCircle, Sabrix, Sungevity, and Ustream.

At the core of Fran’s success is a passion for customer excellence. This passion is the foundation for her 4 point plan including Winning Sales Strategies, People Talent, Process Efficiencies, and Productivity-Driven Technologies.

Today, Fran helps Bridge Group clients build scalable, revenue-driven Inside Sales teams.  She provides the right talent with the right tools in a proven Playbook methodology that aligns across the organization.

A Board Member since 2005, Fran has been a crusader for Inside Sales helping members with the issues that keep them (and their bosses) up at night.

- Car Shows
- Giants Baseball
- Halloween Party Prep

- Ken Blanchard
- Fyodor Dostoevsky
- Tim Kawakami

- Carmel, CA
- Disneyland
- Lake Almanor, NV