Premier Sales Trainer

Chris is a prospecting and sales trainer who specializes in educating sales development teams how to “lead the witness” in prospecting. He's a trainer, speaker, and self-anointed Pain in the millennial @ss .

With 15+ years sales experience, Chris understands the ins and outs of sales operations and techniques in a way matched by few. 

Beginning his career at Rackspace on the lead generation team, Chris learned the importance of multi-media sales techniques including chat, cold calling, and inbound sales. He went on to serve as a sales trainer in the company’s UK office. Chris continued his sales career at Intel and later Avention (subsequently bought by Dunn & Bradstreet). From there he went on to help grow global inside sales teams at Dyn and ClickSoftware.

When not training, you can find Chris playing the role of uber-supportive dad at youth sports games, trying out new restaurants with his wife, or tending their flock of animals (2 dogs, 1 cat, a goldfish, and 6 chickens). Fun fact about Chris: he may have missed a calling a circus performer as he can blow fire and juggle.

 - Snowboarding 
 - Water skiing
 - Youth sports

 - 2 dogs
 - 1 cat
 - 1 goldfish
 - 6 chickens

 - Oahu, Hawaii (US)
 - Rothenburg (Germany)
 - Sitges (Spain)