Inside Sales Consultant

Cathie is a 20-year veteran of sales and sales operations in Silicon Valley. Her career has been spent working with early to mid-stage companies to define, develop, and lead sales functions that  produce measurable, reliable results.  Cathie’s professional sales experience started somewhat by accident at Netscape--before the internet was a household word, much less a way of life.  She’s remained at the forefront of the innovation of sales tactics and technologies throughout her career.

Her expertise ranges a wide variety of sales functions including lead generation, inside sales productivity, reporting and data analysis, and sales tools and system management. She specializes in using her keen analytical eye and quantitative approach in all aspects of her work.

Cathie has had the opportunity to build high-growth revenue functions within a range of companies including enterprise software (Epiphany/Infor, MongoDB), internet technologies (Netscape), SaaS companies (Adaptive Planning, KEAS/Welltok), and marketing intelligence solutions (Demandbase, Turn, Woopra).

Cathie is a graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Quantitative Economics.

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- Watching her sons succeed in life
- And running a marathon