Inside Sales Consultant

Anyone who has worked with Betsy won’t hesitate to tell you she believes strongly in inside sales. In an early sales leadership role, she closed the first "entirely over the phone" sale in the company’s history.

Betsy started her sales leadership life in biotech and eventually moved into the software space with sales management roles at Mathworks, MGA and eResolve.

Both as a former director/ VP of Sales and present-day Girl Scout troop leader, Betsy knows that great success can come from seemingly chaotic enthusiasm with a little structure, process and coaching.

Today, Betsy uses her insight and expertise building and managing teams to deliver inside sales assessment, sales playbooks and market validation programs to Bridge Group clients.

 - Farmers’ markets
 - Skiing & skating

 - Michael Pollan
 - Seth Godin

- Barcelona
 - Sugarbush, VT