Anne Scalapino

Inside Sales Consultant

Anne has more than 15 years of experience working in technology. Having held roles in sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships, she is passionate about the buyer’s journey and understands the changing boundary between sales and marketing.

Anne began her career at Oracle, Frame Technology, Verity, and Infoseek in roles including inside sales, field sales and business development. She then got experience on the consumer side at WebTV Networks and OnLive. At WebTV, she negotiated partnerships with broadcasters including Disney, Fox and Showtime. At OnLive, Anne was responsible for partnerships where she drove adoption of the service through AT&T and other major telcos worldwide where she gained experience in testing adoption and conversion models at scale.

Today, Anne delivers sales assessments, develops sales playbook,s and establishes best practice processes for Bridge Group clients. She specializes in optimization of customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through effective messaging.

- Open-water swimming
- Water skiing
- Knitting

- Elena Ferrante
- Elmore Leonard
Edith Pearlman

- Olympic distance triathlon