Account-Based Revenue (ABR)


Every single vendor in your space is targeting your named accounts.

What are you doing to make those accounts want to talk to you?

You can focus on what works for most accounts. Or on what works at the accounts that matter most.

Winning account-based revenue requires orchestration between and beyond the marketing and sales organizations. We help clients by designing and developing Orchestrated Programs - that are intense, focused on plays, and coordinated across teams and channels.


To win acount-based revenue, Marketing must set the stage, select the score, and supply the instruments. We work with you to develop:

  • Target account lists that pinpoint strategic accounts
  • Segmentation strategies that drive account-based messaging
  • Play identification and creation
  • Marketing Motions (tactics, channels, workflow)
  • A technology roadmap



Instruments alone don't an orchestra make. To win acount-based revenue, Sales must supply the musicians and conduct the score. We work with you to develop:

  • Buyer Personas that include key business challenges and drivers of change
  • An Outbound Sales Motion Playbook (account research, an outbound approach, call cadences, messaging)
  • Benchmarking with near, mid, and long-term success metrics
  • Orchestra Management– deciding the players, what they'll play, and how it all comes together

As CMO of a fast growing software company, I need the best assistance available. I found that and much more in The Bridge Group. In a very short time, they helped us forge our Account-Based strategy, build our SDR Playbook, and implement our ABM program globally. This is a company you can count on to make a meaningful difference.

- Keith Alsheimer, CMO, EnterpriseDB