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We help B2B companies reach more prospects, build more pipeline, and close more deals. By combining the best research, the boldest thinking, and deepest know-how, we’ve helped over 325 companies grow revenues.

The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

Ready to build repeatable pipeline and accelerate growth?

The #1 Amazon best selling book, The Sales Development Playbook, provides a framework for sales development success. It taps the wisdom of 41 practitioners and subject matter experts. Their stories will excite and inspire you.

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Peek Inside the Book

Practitioners first, consultants second.

We give you the bandwidth and expertise you need to make your vision a reality. Meet some of the folks who keep The Bridge Group firing on all cylinders. Meet the team >

Trish Bertuzzi | Chief Strategist
Cindy Littlefield | Inside Sales Consultant
Matt Bertuzzi | Sales & Marketing Operations
Randi Laforge | Inside Sales Consultant
Jodi Maxson | Senior Inside Sales Consultant
Laurie Page | Managing Partner
Kyle Smith | Inside Sales Consultant
Gail Milton | Senior Inside Sales Consultant
Sales Development Metrics & Compensation

Sales Development Metrics & Compensation Report

ADRs, BDRs, SDRs - whatever you call them, the metrics that drive the sales development function are always in demand. With benchmark data from 200+ B2B companies, this is our fifth round of research into the SDR function.

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More Inside Sales Resources

The Art and Science of Inside Sales.

Ready to accelerate growth with inside sales? Great! 
We're ready to help you drive new pipeline and achieve repeatable and scalable revenue.

Sales Playbook

Sales Playbook

If every rep told your best story and ran your best process, how would that impact pipeline and revenue?

A playbook gives every rep the tools, tactics and messaging to prospect and sell like the best performer on your team.

Strategic Assessment

Strategic Assessment

We get hands-on to analyze and enhance your inside sales effort. You know where you want to go. Let us chart the path.

We’ll rapidly translate what we uncover into the plays, process, and metrics you need to grow.

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

You can’t hit your numbers managing process and tools alone.

We’ll work with your reps to hone their abilities to spark prospect interest and generate opportunities.