Senior Consultant

David Dulany is a Sales Development program building specialist with deep experience building highly successful programs from scratch for technology companies.

At a strategic level, David has the ability to effectively blueprint the entire function. From there, recruit, hire, build, mentor, inspire and lead a team of Sales Development Representatives to grow new business revenue and new logo attainment for start-ups or more established companies.

He has a track record of success in meeting opportunity creation targets and motivating teams through leadership, coaching, communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills. He has experience developing a Sales Development function by partnering with Senior Executives, Sales Management, Business Development, Product Marketing and Corporate Marketing teams to establish goals and processes to achieve them. He has the proven ability to consistently create qualified pipeline via processes personally created.

Deep knowledge of Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, Marketo, Insideview, Google Docs and many other tools, and how they can support Sales Development teams. Focus on pipeline growth, lead qualification, demand generation programs, lead scoring, and lead nurturing..



David is also the host of the Sales Development Podcast, the only audio forum 100% dedicated to helping the Sales Development community improve their performance. 

- Family time
- Date nights
- Growing collard greens

- Mom & Dad
- Buckminster Fuller
- Elon Musk

Kale smoothies
Light cardio
-Tremendous gratitude